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Friday, 27 April 2018

Can Nigeria PayPal Account Now Receive Payment? This is All You Need To Know

Can Nigeria PayPal Account Now Receive Payment? This is All You Need To Know

Since the beginning of this month, it has been buzzing around the internet about Nigeria Paypal now being able to receive fund from other PayPal accounts and lots of Nigerians that have been yearning for the feature to be introduced on Nigeria PayPal on hearing the rumour have all came out to find out how authentic the news was.

In 2014, PayPal opened the half door for Nigerians to be able to make use of PayPal account to buy online, but the downside of it is that the Nigerian PayPal was not allowed to receive fund.

With PayPal being the choice online payment processor for many, people in countries that are still restricted from full PayPal activities have always remained positive and believing that one day PayPal will remember them and allow them full access to PayPal functionalities.

With the current news making the round on Nigeria PayPal now being able to receive fund, for some, even without verifying the authenticity of the news, they all see it as a dream come through and they have been excited about the rumour.

But the big question remains; how authentic is the news? Can Nigeria PayPal account now receive payment from other PayPal accounts?

If you have also heard the current rumour and you are already excited, here are the real things you need to know about the whole gist so that you won’t be carried away in the excitement.

PayPal allows Nigerians to open either personal PayPal account or a Business PayPal account, and till present, the Nigeria Personal PayPal account is still not allowed to receive payment.

But what about the Nigerian PayPal business account, can one receive fund with it?

One can easily open a business PayPal even without submitting the business documents that PayPal will normally request for; to do so you should choose the sole proprietorship option when signing up for the Nigeria business PayPal account.

Now listen very well; The Nigerian business PayPal account till present cannot still be used ordinarily to receive payment, but there is a way out and for you to be able to use the Nigeria business PayPal to start receiving payment, you must integrate the Nigerian business PayPal payment gateway/API into your website and with that, people can now shop on your site and pay with PayPal.

Having clarified the rumours making the round, we also believe that in the nearest future PayPal will open full doors for Nigerians to start using both the Nigeria personal and business PayPal account to send and receive payments without hassle.

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