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Sunday, 8 April 2018

Blogger Comment Form Not Showing On Mobile View? Try This Solution.

Is your Blogger comment box not displaying on your blog's mobile view? Is your blog readers finding it difficult to comment on your blog post with their mobile phones? Sometimes after styling your blog custom mobile template, or maybe after switching from http to https the comment form will disappear. Even when you click the 'post a comment' link, you won't see the comment form maybe until someone drop a comment from the desktop view.

This problem once occur on one of my blogger blog when i changed my blogs template. But fortunately, i found a solution on how to fix it and i will show you how to do it, so you don't mess up with your blog html codes. All you have to do is add a css code below your blog's html and save it. Then the comment box will display under each of your post.

So How To Add The CSS Code To Your Blog

1. Sign in to your blogger blog

2. Click on your blog dashboard

3. Remember to backup your blog template. Its very important.

4. Click on Template, then click Edit HTML

5. Click inside the HTML code and use CTRL + F to find this code ]]></b:skin>

6. Then copy this CSS code below

.blogger-iframe-colorize {
display: block !important;

7. Paste the CSS code directly above the ]]></b:skin> as the arrow display in the picture below.

8. Lastly save your template.

Or if the above method doesn't work for you, you should use this second method.

1. Use CTRL + F to find this line of code in your blog template.

.comments .comments-content

2. Then copy and paste the css code above it as shown in the picture below.

That's all.

I hope it works well for you? Please tell us if it works or if it doesn't. Thanks.

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