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Sunday, 8 April 2018

#BBNaija: I Do Not Owe Ahneeka Any Apology – Noble Igwe

Lifestyle blogger Noble Igwe has finally reacted to BBNaija Ahneeka’s interview where she stated that she is disappointed in the blogger for his statement about her personal hygiene.

Noble, while Ahneeka was in the house had tweeted about how Ahneeka takes care of herself poorly.

He had tweeted;
“I wanted to tell Ahneeka to wash her face more, cut down on soda and stop pressing the things on her face but her supporters would not hear it… Ahneeka goes to bed with the same outfit; so, no one can make her have her bath twice in a day.”
Upon getting out, Ahneeka reacted saying she is disappointed in Noble for the statement asking how he would feel should someone say such about his wife.
“I was disappointed at the Noble Igwe situation. Nobody should be allowed to talk about another person like that on social media.He knows he has a social media presence. I don’t think you should say that to any woman. 
He has a beautiful wife and daughter and I don’t know how he would feel if someone talks about his family like that. I don’t think he should disrespect people because they are going through a certain struggle. I have acne; I did not order it. It wasn’t my choice but it came and I had to deal with it.
Sunday scoop recently got in touch with Noble to get his take on Ahneeka’s thought and he stated clearly that he does not owe her an apology.

“I have said a lot of good things about her in the past. There was a time I said she speaks good English. Why didn’t anybody raise eyebrows at that. I like it when things are balanced; they make a lot more sense that way. Dotun of Cool FM also tweeted about Big Brother housemates. 
The truth is that everybody has an opinion about the housemates. It could be about their hygiene; the way they dress or any other thing. I don’t think anybody has an issue with people commenting on the show. These guys are on national TV and we watch them all day; so, there’s nothing wrong about passing comments about whatever happened in the house. 
Whatever I said about BBN was strictly about what I saw the housemates do. On a particular day, there was a close-up shot of her underarm and the viewers saw that it was not well-shaven; I tweeted about it. On another day, the cameras showed this particular housemate peeling her face and I tweeted that it would be nice for this housemate to wash her face often and stop peeling it. I speak about everything in the house so far it is caught on camera.”
He continued;
“You are supposed to apologise when you feel that you have done something wrong. You apologise when you feel it was a personal attack. You cannot apologise for stating the fact that everybody can see. Criticising a person doesn’t mean that I don’t like him or her.”

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