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Saturday, 10 March 2018

How to Make Lovely Envelope Purse at Home With Just a Piece of Ankara (Photos)

A cute DIY envelope purse is a stylish accessory and a handy item for a tablet or a pocket reader.

If you are familiar with simple sewing, you can easily make such a purse at home, with the help of the usual needle. What’s more, you’ll have all space for creativity and designing.


Before you begin, you need to determine the style of the envelope purse you would like to have. This will also determine the further choice of fabric or another material for the outer side of the purse, its inside, and its decorations.

Let’s check out the existing options:

  • The outer material: you are free to use whatever you want. Ankara fabric for a casual relaxed look, velour or velvet for going out in the evening, faux leather to rock the style, and silk for a romantic touch
  • The inside: depending on the purpose, you can make it simple enough or attach an inner pocket, for instance, to keep credit cards, mobile phone, and other small but valuable items


Now, let’s check out a step-by-step guide to sewing an envelope purse at home within a couple of hours.

  • If you are planning to sew an envelope purse to store a tablet or another device in it, then, measure the item first and add a couple of inches to its longest dimension. For instance, the device is 4 inches wide and 6 inches long. Then, the width of your envelope purse will be approximately 8 inch
  • Cut a rectangular piece of the material meant for the outer side of the purse. Now, we take the smaller dimension of the device, add a couple of inches for room and seams, and measure it three times on the piece of the material. The piece we need to cut will be about 18 inches long.

  • You can have the flap rectangular as it is or create other shapes. Cut off the corners to create a characteristic envelope shape or round the flap up as you like
  • If you decide to use the interfacing to make the purse firmer, then, cut several pieces of this material that are 2 inches shorter than the top layer and 2 inches narrower
  • Cut a piece of lining that’s exactly as big as the top layer
  • Put the piece of the top material right side up on the table and cover it with the lining wrong side up. This way, you will have the right sides of the materials face each other
  • Use pins to keep them in place and sew together all the edges apart from one narrow end
  • When done, turn the sewed pieces right side out and carefully iron them flat. Now they look like a bag with an opening

  • Put the interlining inside through the opening and then sew it up accurately
  • If you want to have a small pocket inside the envelope purse, take a piece of the lining fabric that’s twice as big as the desirable pocket size
  • Fold it in two and iron flat. Then, tuck all the edges inside and sew accurately
  • Now fold the detail to create a pocket. Actually, you need to leave one-third of the length for the flap and use the remaining part to create the pocket

  • Before sewing the sides of the future purse, attach the inner pocket in the right place. Equip it with a button or a piece of Velcro for security
  • Sew the sides up neatly. You can use a thread of a contrasting color for a more interesting effect
  • Attach the button. If you want to have a button and a hole, then measure everything carefully, cut a small opening in the flap and overlock the edges by hand. If you use a magnet button or buttons, you will need hot glue to attach the parts to the body of the purse and the flap
  • If you are thinking about a detachable strap, attach two loops right beside the place the flap turns over the purse

It’s also possible to sew an envelope purse that allows some additional volume inside it. However, it’s a more elaborate task that requires some more time and skills. If you are a beginner in sewing, it will be better if you practice on simple envelope purses first.


You can cover the surface with diamantes or other shiny stuff, and it will look especially luxurious if it’s made out of velvet or velour. You can add colorful beads and other ethnic decorations to a purse that’s made of Ankara or other visually traditional materials. It’s a good idea to use decorative buckles on faux leather items.

In case you think your purse is already bright enough, leave it as is and only attach hidden buttons for security. It’s also a good idea to choose a fabric that has only a bright stripe of an ornament against a whole single color background. It looks very lovely when the entire envelope purse is of one color and the flap has a certain ornament or a print on it.

Envelope purses are perfect items that allow you to express your creativity. You are free to give them any shape, use any colors, and have as many of them as you like. Though they are easy to make, such purses can be a great accessory to match any of your outfits.

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