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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Back To Basics: What Is The Difference Between The Sleep And Hibernate Power Option On PC?

Today we want to speak mainly to the newbies on computer operation and we are doing that with the question on the topic of the day, which is intended to differentiate between the sleep and the hibernate power options on PC.

Though it might not be surprising to know that some computer operators above the newbies level also don’t actually know the difference between the sleep and hibernate power option mode that they see and even make use of in their everyday computing jobs.

There is actually nothing wrong in not knowing the difference between the both power options on your PC and there is totally nothing to feel shy about and in fact that is why we are here for you to explicitly differentiate between the sleep and hibernate power option button on PC.

Whether you are running old or the latest version of Windows on your PC, when you go through the start menu button or locate the power menu by any means, you will actually see the sleep and hibernate sub-options for you to use to put your PC in either sleep mode or hibernate mode.

Though the hibernate option is hidden on the later versions of Windows and can easily be enabled if you want to bring it up, but our main focus is to just differentiate between both power options.

Without further ado, here are the main differences between the Sleep and Hibernate power options on your PC.

While the Sleep option is simply use to put your PC to sleep i.e. putting your PC in the state of lower power consuming condition with screen or any other backlights off while all running or open apps continue to run and stay on the background, the Hibernate option on the other hand turns off or shuts down the computer completely but also allows apps to stay open and remain where you left them.

Depending on the default or personal settings on your PC, tapping on any key, or opening the top lid of your PC if it is a laptop/notebook wakes up the PC from sleep and takes you instantly to where you left the PC before putting it to sleep, while in the case of hibernate, you need to use the physical power button to switch on the PC to take you back to where you were before hibernating.

These are common day to day or choice operations for any computer operator.

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