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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

How To Screenshot A Region And Draw On It With UCbrowser For Mobile

UC browser for mobile is one of the popular, lightweight and fastest browsers out there. If you need speed in terms of mobile browsing and downloads, then you should think of UC browser.

Many even consider UC browser as the fastest browser amongst the other popular browsers that you can think of.

The UC browser is more than a browser and apart from its primary function being to surf the internet, the UC browser is also a very powerful utility tool that you can use to do many other things.

Today, we are going to be showing you how to use UC browser for mobile to easily take either a full screenshot or portioned/regional screenshot and also use its artistic free-hand pencil tool to draw on the captured region.

Many of you have been using UC browser for mobile but are oblivious of these UC browser powerful features. Again, it is true that you can easily use a combination of 2 or more buttons on your mobile devices for screenshots, but those key combinations will only allow you capture full screenshots, which is against UC browser that can also allow you capture only a region of the screen and also draw on it.

Without further ado, here are steps involved to screenshot a region and draw on it with your UC browser for mobile;

• If you don’t have UC browser on your device, then you need to first of all download it on the store associated with your device platform

• Once you have UC browser on your device, launch it

• Tap on the triple dash menu button at the bottom to open up the menu

• Select the Tool option and choose the Screenshot sub option to open up the pane with 4 handles for dragging.

• Use the 4 handles of the pane window to drag or adjust and pick the portion of the screen/page that you want to capture

• Click on cut button at the bottom left to capture the highlighted region

• You can click save option still at the bottom left of the screen to save the captured portion without drawing/editing.

• But to edit or draw on the captured portion, before saving, use the freehand pencil tool situated on the top portion of the work window to draw or write in different colours on the captured image.

• After editing/drawing, you can finally save your screenshot image

You can easily locate your saved screenshots on your media gallery. And there are host of other things that you can do with UC browser that we shall be talking about subsequently.

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