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Monday, 8 January 2018

AT&T To Become The First Mobile Carrier To Deploy 5G Network On Phones This Year

The world largest telecommunication company and the 2nd wireless carrier in the United State AT&T has concluded plan to be the first to deliver 5G network service to its mobile phones later this year.

You can recall that late last year, the standard in which the 5G network technology would operate upon was finalised and AT&T has taken the first step to deliver 5G service on phones, which would come on-stream towards the last quarter of 2018.

5G network as you might have known is the 5th generation network service that is coming ahead of the current 4G LTE network and it is said that 5G would deliver speed 10 times that of 4G network.

With 4G LTE, download speed peaks at about 100Mb/s but with the 5G service one can theoretically reach download speed of 1Gb/s and with better capacity capable of delivering such speed to tens of workers on the same building.

With planned controlled implementation of the 5G service, however, AT&T declined to mention how large the coverage area would be in each market, but notably it said that 5G would only work on 5G enabled phones.

Other US carriers like Verizon also targets the development and implementation of 5G service later in the year too, while T-Mobile on the other hand is targeting nationwide 5G coverage by 2020.

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