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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

See Why Your Tecno Phones Won’t Work In Countries Like US And Canada

Did you travel abroad to countries like US or Canada and noticed that your Tecno phones that you used flawlessly down here in Nigeria are not working in those countries?

If you are currently in that situation then secondly are you holding the notion that your Tecno phone might not be working in those countries probably because Tecno phones are Chinese and substandard phones and that they are not American standard?

I will like to start by saying that if you are currently in that position and also hold such notion up there, then this is time to banish those idea from your mind because some Tecno phones and other Chinese branded phones do also work flawlessly in the US and Canada just the way they work down here.

But if you travelled to any of those countries and you are unable to use your Tecno Phones, see why your Tecno phones won’t work over there;

Firstly and as we said, it is not working not because it is a substandard phone but the main reason why your Tecno phones won’t work in those countries is because of the total variations in network frequencies being used there as with the frequencies being used here.

In other words, if your Tecno phone does not support the frequencies of network carriers used in the US or Canada, then you shouldn’t expect your Tecno phone to work there, but on the contrary, if your Tecno phone or any other Chinese branded phones supports the network frequencies there, then you will have no issue using your phone with supported network there.

In addition to that, in the US and Canada, the primary frequency support for 2G/3G phones are the 850MHz and 1900MHz, while network carrier like Tmobile also support 1700/2100 AWS frequency. For 4G LTE, the primary frequency band supports are 2/4/5/12/17

So, if your Tecno phone supports any of those frequencies, then you shouldn’t have issue using your Chinese made Tecno phones in the US or Canada.

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