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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Ubi Franklin Drags Daddy Freeze For Unhealthy Preaching Over Tithing Row

Ubi Franklin has some choice words for Daddy Freeze who has been bashing Nigerian pastors over the tithing drama.

Speaking on LIB TV, the Triple MG boss called the OAP’s talks about tithing absolute ‘rubbish’, saying that he is not interested in what Freeze has to say because he tithes to God and not to his church (House on the Rock, owned by Paul Adefarasin).

This statement came days after Adefarasin addressed his members on same topic following Freeze’s controversial comments that pastors hide under the guise of the biblical tithing to milk their members dry. So, speaking on LIB TV, Franklin. who is an avid member of House on the Rock, set the records straight: he is not interested in the rubbish ideals Freeze is touting.

“I pay my tithe. I’m not even interested in that rubbish Freeze is saying. I believe part of my success and how I’m growing is because how I’m able to not hold on to what I’m supposed to give to God,” he said.

And this didn’t sit well with Freeze, because the Coolfm OAP (who claims his Instagram was H@cked by Nigerian pastors), took to his new page to call out Ubi Franklin, noting that he is thoroughly displeased with the music guru’s insensitive comments.

Well, Ubi Franklin is not moved by Freeze’s displeasure.

“I didn’t insult you,” said Franklin, adding, “What you have been preaching is unhealthy, that’s all I meant. I will never insult your person, but if you make comments that are not right, I’ll make sure I set it right according to my [belief].”

Ubi Franklin has said what he said!

However, Freeze has refused to let Nigerian pastors drink water and keep cup, because shortly after he lost access to his Instagram, he took to his Twitter to say this:

“Instead of pastors to debunk my stance on tithing with the Bible they are busy H@cking accounts. How Christlike! The truth is bigger than me and bigger than them. Even if I stop speaking now, the seed has been sown and watered with Bible verses!”
Who will win this tithing war: Freeze or the pastors?

We wait.

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