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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Jealous Husband Who Beats His Wife For Every Like She Gets On Facebook Arrested

21-year-old Adolfina Camelli Ortigoza, has undergone facial reconstruction after her husband brutally beats her for every facebook like she gets. Life was so unfair to the woman who lives with her 32-year-old husband, Pedro Heriberto Galeano receiving constant brutal attacks, police report says.

Her lawyer claimed that Pedro will beat her to pulp for every like or reaction she gets on her photos on Facebook posted by herself accusing her of being in a relationship with them. Like Pedro was not satisfied with the inhuman act, Pedro took over her Facebook account and posted photos of her online and still gave her brutal beating for any like or reaction.

Ortigoza’s lawyer, Arnaldo Martinez said, Ortigoza would be so scared of any notification of a Like or Reactionon her picture on Facebook cause she is aware of the consequences. He said her friends on Facebook had no idea the implication of their actions.

He said:

“Her mouth was all broken, she was very damaged, her skin was hanging off because of the blows.“He controlled the victim’s social networking sites, he controlled the messages and photos, and for every ‘like’ she received from her friends, the woman received a beating because he accused her of having a relationship with them.” The victim who was so disfigured couldn’t recognise herself even after being show her picture. She had to undergo reconstruction operations of the nasal septum and lips".

Her husband has been captured by the police and charged with attempted femicide, deprivation of liberty and coersion, crimes which comes with a maximum penalty of 30 years in prison.

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