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Thursday, 2 November 2017

How To Know If Your TV Has An Inbuilt Decoder

With the proliferations of Smart TV around us today, you are sure that that your TV set has an inbuilt decoder for satellite free to air channels and signal receptions.

But it is not strange to know that some of you out there have Smart TVs but are oblivious of the capability of the TV or some don’t even know that that TV set sitting on their TV stand is a Smart TV and that they can use it to watch free to air cable/satellite channels from some independent satellite TV providers and also with access to the internet.

One of the features of Smart TVs that enable them receives those satellite signals or channels is the presence of inbuilt decoder.

At this point, you might just want to know whether that TV set sitting on the TV stand has an inbuilt decoder, and if that is your quest, below is just a simple step to detect whether your TV came with an inbuilt decoder.

• If you bought your Smart TV with inbuilt decoder brand new, it normally come alongside with a dish; otherwise continue from the next step to know whether your TV has an inbuilt decoder.

• Switch on the TV and enter the menu listing

• Go to search option to see UHF, VHF and CABLE

• If you see the CABLE option among UHF and VHF on the search menu, then you should know that your TV set came with an inbuilt decoder.

With your inbuilt decoder TV, you are eligible to receive, watch and enjoy free to air satellite channels from certain cable/satellite TV providers by tracking their appropriate frequency and also with the decoder it implies that your TV is internet ready.

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