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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

You Can Now Recall/Unsend Messages On Whatssapp Chats

Have you ever mistakenly sent embarrassing messages on Whatsapp and wished you could retrieve the message?. Yea, that has happened to me severally, especially when autocorrection choose to help you out.

After a long wait, Whatsapp have finally rolled out the “Delete for everyone” feature that allows Whatsapp users on all platforms to be able to unsend or retrieve sent messages.

Since no one is above mistake, lots of Whatsapp users would heave a sigh of relief at the introduction of this feature.

This feature allows Whatsapp users to retrieve sent messages, GIF, videos and any other sent files on Whatsapp groups or on a single chat

Making use of the latest Whatsapp “Delete for everyone” feature is simple and all you need to do is to tap and hold on the message that you want to delete, choose delete and finally select the delete for everyone to delete the message.

However, there are important things to take note of in the new Whatsapp “Delete for everyone features;

• You cannot delete a broadcast message

• You must use the feature within 7 minutes you sent out the message that you wish to delete

• Both parties need to update their Whatsapp for this feature to work properly

• The second party would know that the other party deleted a message as they will see message deleted notification

• This feature is new and it is been rolled out gradually, and might not yet be available to you

With this new Whatsapp “Delete for everyone feature” Whatsapp users can now chat with more freedom, knowing that the new feature got their back in an event of embarrassing and mistakenly sent messages.

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