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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Samsung Phone Explodes In Man’s Pocket And Sets Shirt On Fire (Photos)

A man rolled on the ground after his smartphone exploded in his front shirt pocket. Hotel supervisor Yulianto, 47, was waiting in the lobby of his hotel in Indonesia when he suddenly felt his Samsung Grand Duos heat up.When he reached for his pocket it suddenly exploded, setting his shirt alight and sending sparks across the room.

CCTV shows Yulianto falling to the ground as an onlooker rushes to help him at Hotel Ciputra in Semarang on Saturday.

He can be seen dramatically ripping off his shirt while engulfed in flames.

The hotel worker said he had never had problems with his 2013 phone before but suddenly felt it heat up.

He said: ‘There was a strong sensation of heat and I felt something start to shake. ‘Before I knew what was happening there was fire and I panicked. I took off my shirt as quickly as I could.’

Police said that Yulianto was rushed to hospital where he was treated for minor burns on his chest. The injuries were limited by Yulianto quickly taking off his top.

He is said to have been using the Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS simultaneously which is thought to have contributed to overheating.

Agus Triatmojo, head of public relations at Central Java Regional Police, said: ‘The incident happened on September 30. The phone was a Samsung brand and Grand Duos model. The owner was Mr Yulianto, aged 47.

Mr Yulianto immediately removed his shirt after the phone exploded. He had no significant injuries.’

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