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Sunday, 15 October 2017

How Long Should I Charge My New Phone For The First Time Before Using?

If you are the type that wants to know how long it will be required to charge your new phone for the first time before making use of it and because you believed that by not doing so, that you might be damaging the battery then this post is actually for you.

If you ask same question about 10 years ago when most phones come with Nickel metal hybrid battery, then your question might just be the perfect one but not now again that most phone batteries are Lithium ion or Lithium polymer batteries.

In those days, the cells in Nickel batteries have memories, and therefore charging your phones for long period of time for the first time after buying helped the cells to remember and retain the charges for those extended charging time, therefore charging for the first time for long hours, helped the battery last longer.

But you will agree with us that the era of nickel battery phones are far behind us and in the attempt to fix most of the shortcomings of Nickel battery phones, what we now see in phones are Lithium ion or Lithium polymer batteries.

Now, for the Lithium batteries on phones, after coming out of production, the cells are made to go through some formation stage and thereby the manufacturers charges them fully to make sure they are working properly, and this activates the chemical components of the cells and keep them ready for use.

The cells in Lithium batteries are already made readily for use without any further preparation required and therefore you might not necessarily need to charge your new phone for any couple of hour before powering, as using it without charging for the first time practically has no negative effect to your new phone battery.

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