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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

French Authorities Suspects Kim Kardashian Of Lying, That She Is The One Who Let The Robbers In

Kim Kardashian’s robbery tale is falling apart, and the French authorities are already suspecting that Kim may have staged the entire robbery.

According to two local French reports, police are questioning Kim Kardashian’s version of the story. Here’s why.

Witnesses said that five armed men entered the Hotel de Pourtalès in Paris on Monday. The men reportedly threatened the concierge and tied him up so he couldn’t call for help.

But there is something wrong with that story. You see the door to Kim Kardashian’s room was made out of solid steel – it was armored. And what’s more is that the room is made so that it can be locked from the inside, so that no one can enter the room, without the person inside letting them in.

Local reporters are catching on to this fact, and are subtly suggesting that the robbery was completely staged. 

Here is what is being reported by the UK’s Daily Mail:
Detectives are baffled as to how they got inside Kim Kardashian’s flat

“We are dealing with a young woman who was sleeping alone,” they said. There is no sign of forced entry of any doors in the building.

Investigators are baffled as to who opened the armored door to Kim Kardashian’s luxury apartment before she was robbed at gunpoint in the early hours of Monday morning.

While detectives are satisfied that the robbers could have easily tricked their way into the palatial apartment block in Paris, it is not clear how they got into her actual flat.

“This is the baffling part of the inquiry,” said a source close to the investigation. “The door is armored and easily locked from the inside.

“We are dealing with a young woman who was sleeping alone with a hugely valuable amount of jewelry.

“She would never open the door in the middle of the night in these circumstances, so who did?”

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