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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Turkey's President Vows Death Penalty For Coup

Turkey's President has vowed to proceed with the fight against those who organised a military coup, including by re-introducing the death penalty, after the attempted rebellion just about one month ago. He told the crowd, reported to be made up of more than one million people, that he had thrown his energy into finding those involved in the coup and taking action against them.

“If the nation makes such a decision [in support of death penalty], I believe political parties will abide by this decision,” he said in a rally at the Yenikapi square in the city’s Sultanahmet district in Istanbul on Sunday.

“It is the Turkish parliament that will decide on this [death penalty] given the sovereignty rests with the nation…I declare it in advance, I will approve the decision made by the parliament,” Erdogan said.

He compared the use of the death penalty in the U.S., Japan and China as examples of major powers who utilize such a measure, in defiance of critics within the EU who have cautioned against such moves following the coup attempt.

“They say there is no death penalty in the EU... Well, the US has it, Japan has it, China has it, most of the world has it. So they are allowed to have it. We used to have it until 1984. Sovereignty belongs to the people, so if the people make this decision I am sure the political parties will comply.”
The death penalty was abolished in Turkey in 2004, 20 years after the last execution.

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